Habitabat Ad Mortem - v1.0 is live

Habitabat Ad Mortem is now available to download for both Windows and Mac OS  :-)

Everybody has been told at some point, usually by a close relative, that life goes past quicker the older you get; this life simulation allows you to see how your life could transpire following the same routine.  It was generally assumed that life went quicker with each passing year being a smaller part of your overall life - it would entail that a year being one fifth of their life to a 5 year old would appear almost infinitely longer to a year of someone for whom a year is one fiftieth.  Given that days are not seen as passing more quickly as we get older, more recent hypothesis is that the rate we see life going by is related to the new memories that we make.  The more we follow a routine, the more you realise that so much time has gone past without you realising it.

This all led to Habitabat Ad Mortem as an indicator of what can happen if you viewed a life of routine from the outside in; a warning of how quickly it can pass to all of us.

Enjoy :-)


Habitabat Ad Mortem - Windows 38 MB
Feb 03, 2018
Habitabat Ad Mortem - Mac OS 42 MB
Feb 03, 2018

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